Friday, January 1, 2010

I love the flying ipis!

The flying ipis

Most people hate roaches. 

Especially, the flying ones.

But I don't. 

I love them to bits! 

They are the most intelligent of the roaches specie.

They are the cut above the rest.

If you can't fly, you're nothing!

Simply bad ass!

Kahit mga macho tumatakbo kapag nakakakita neto!

So when you see a flying roach, just say:

That's an elite roach. 

The most intelligent and probably the alpha roach or their clan.

Let's be proud and let it alight on our heads or shoulders. 

It is an honor!


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  1. walanghiya ka balbastro!

    hahaha! mag socialize ka naman... grabe wala ka man lang followers! nakakaawa naman ako dito oh!